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Japanese Cultural Grant Aid Project | Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project

Many developing countries are making conscious efforts toward nation-building not only in the area of socio-economy but also in the area of cultural activities and education.

The Cultural Grant Aid scheme was introduced in 1975 as part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) of Japan. The equipment provided for developing countries under this scheme is playing an important role in the preservation of cultural articles and cultural heritage, the implementation of various projects at theaters, museums, etc. and the promotion of education and research activities.

Types of Cultural Grant Aid



Contents Subjects Grant Limit per Project

Japanese Cultural Grant Aid (CGA) *

Promotion of culture, sports and education

Provision of financial assistance to purchase equipment and to improve facilities (thru construction or repair)
National government
¥ 300 million

Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects (GACGP)

Promotion of culture and education

Provision of equipment; Subsidy for transportation cost

Local public bodies, NGOs
¥ 10 million

* Covers both former Cultural Grant aid and former Grant aid for Cultural Heritage

For more information about and for copies of the application format of each Cultural Grant Aid scheme, please view the following links: