Relief Money in Response to the Earthquake Centered in the Kumamoto Region of Kumamoto Prefecture 2016

The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines expresses its sincere appreciation for the heartfelt messages of sympathies and for the many offers of assistance being extended to those who have suffered in recent devastating earthquake centered in the Kumamoto region.

For those wishing to kindly extend assistance through financial support may direct the donations to the following accounts.
*The Japanese Red Cross has ended receiving donation on June 30th ,2016.

In the case of donating money at the Embassy of Japan directly, please contact to the security guard at the gate. The Embassy staff will receive your donation.

1. The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines (End the fundraising on March 31st, 2017)

(1)  Account information   
  Bank Name : Mizuho Bank Ltd.,
  Branch Name : Manila Branch
  Account No. (Checking Account) : F10-789-100048(USD)
    : H10-767-110166(PHP)
* The relief money received by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines will be sent to the account of the Government of Japan later.
* After relief money is received by the Embassy of Japan and sent to the account of the Government of Japan, the money will be delivered to the affected people through local governments.
(2)  If you wish to obtain a receipt, please send an email to ( that contains the following:
      1.  Subject: Request for Receipt
  2. Your name
  3. The amount of the relief money
  4. The date when the relief money was donated
  5. The name of the bank from which the relief money was transferred

2. Relief Money Acceptance Account by Local Governments of the Affected Area

Local governments of the affected area have also opened accounts to accept donations. Please check websites of each local governments for more information. If you wish to see the information of the account opened by Kumamoto Prefecture, which is one of the most severely affected areas, please check the following file.

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