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Press Office - PR#103–2011, December 21, 2011



JENESYS - AFS 2011 Batch of Filipino Students & Teachers

Arrives from 2-week Tour in Japan



Director Kiyoshi Takeuchi impressed the participants with his mastery of Tagalog as he delivers

his message during the orientation


JICC Director Kiyoshi Takeuchi, JICC Researcher / Adviser Mr. Yusuke Takagi, and AFS Programs Manager Ms. Tisha Lee Eduave, with the 2011 JENESYS - AFS batch of participants


2011 JENESYS - AFS participants share their experiences and lessons learned

during their stay in Japan


JICC Director Kiyoshi Takeuchi, JICC Researcher / Adviser Mr. Yusuke Takagi, joined by AFS National Director Mrs. Elizabeth Eduave, and Programs Manager Ms. Tisha Lee Eduave, with the

2011 JENESYS - AFS batch of participants


56 Filipino high school students and 5 teachers went on one remarkable journey from December 6 to 18, 2011, under the Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths - American Field Service (JENESYS – AFS) Programme 2011 . They travelled all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu, visiting Japanese high schools and various historical and cultural sights. The participants also stayed with their Japanese host families, an experience that they all thoroughly enjoyed. T his programme was implemented with the cooperation of the American Field Service (AFS) Intercultural Programs.


Director Kiyoshi Takeuchi of the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines attended both the pre-departure and re-entry orientations. In his message, he encouraged the delegates to consider themselves as friendship ambassadors, and to recognize their JENESYS experience as a lifetime commitment in maintaining and promoting the amiable relations between the Philippines and Japan. The JICC also gave lectures during the orientations about Japanese culture and government scholarship, which the students took as a chance to ask questions and share their own experiences in Japan.


Launched by the Government of Japan in 2007, the JENESYS Programme is one of several youth exchange programs aiming to promote mutual understanding through cultural and educational exchange between Japan and other countries. Under the programme, the Government of Japan has invited more than 1,000 Filipino youths to Japan to hone their skills and expertise through the sharing of experiences, and to promote appreciation of each other's culture for better Philippines – Japan relations in the future.


The JENESYS Programme continues on next year as 400 Filipino youths will be sent to Japan in April 2012 as the Philippine Tohoku Goodwill Ambassadors for the 2011-2012 JENESYS Programme -- Short Term Visit to Japan for Disaster Management and Recovery Programme and Environment Issues in Japan . The delegates will learn from Japan's experience in dealing with natural disasters, and personally witness Japan's various ongoing recovery efforts from the earthquake and tsunami last March 11, 2011. For more details about the program, please visit the National Youth Commission (NYC) website: http://www.nyc.gov.ph/