Notice on Validity of Extension of Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) Related to Novel Coronavirus

The Government of Japan has decided some changes on the treatment of Certificate of Eligibility (COE) due to the influence of Novel Coronavirus, as follows:
  1. In case applicants are unable to apply a visa within 3 months validity of the COE because of novel coronavirus, applicants are allowed to apply a visa until the date 6 months after issuance of the COE with a letter from inviters or organizations* who applied the COE in Japan.The letter must clearly mention that inviters or organizations are able to accept applicants as the same status of activity indicated in the application for the COE.

  2. Applicants who has been issued a visa with COE but unable to depart to Japan within the validity of the visa are allowed to apply for a visa again until the date 6 months after issuance of the COE with the above-mentioned letter.
* Examples of Inviters and Organizations 
  • Working purposes (“Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”, etc.)
    • Employer
  • Residential purposes based on identity or status (“Spouse or Child of Japanese National”, etc.)
    • Spouse or Parent
  • Non-working purposes (Student, etc.)
    • University, Organizations that accepted applicants