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Press Office - PR#41–2010, May 14, 2010


Japanese Deputy Chief of Mission to

Visit IMT Headquarters in Cotabato




Japanese Deputy Chief of Mission Minister Motohiko Kato is going to visit the IMT (International Monitoring Team) headquarters in Cotabato City on May 16, 2010, to have a meeting with Mr. Mgen Datuk Baharom Bin Hamzah, Head of IMT. Mr. Yusuke Mori, an IMT member dispatched by the Government of Japan, will also attend. Minister Kato is going to discuss with Mr. Hamzah the security situation in Mindanao and the operation of the IMT.


Earlier, the Government of Japan decided to redeploy two (2) development experts, Mr. Tomonori Kikuchi, First Secretary and Mr. Yusuke Mori, Second Secretary, to the IMT, which resumed its operations last February 2010. Both experts are expected to contribute to the socio-economic development aspect of the IMT, including the assessment of the needs for the reconstruction and development, the monitor of development projects in the former conflict-affected areas, and the formulation of a comprehensive development plan.


The Government of Japan is committed to further advancing the Mindanao Peace Process through various reconstruction and development efforts, including the dispatch of development experts to the IMT.