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Press Office - PR#59–2012, July 18, 2012


Japan Day

“Japan Endless Discovery”

Fifth Anniversary of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month  



In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month, the Embassy of Japan in cooperation with various organizations organizes the “Japan Day” which will be held on July 21-22 at SM Mall of Asia to further promote friendship and more opportunities for endless discovery of Japanese Contemporary Pop Culture among the people in the Philippines.


“Japan Day,” aims to showcase the best of Japanese music, film and the arts. It will stage once again the 2012 JPOP Anime Singing Contest, the display of the exceptional creativity of cosplayers in the Mini Cosplay event, the exciting film screening of two anime films, Fullmetal “Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos” and “Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky,” and the concert of Japan's hottest pop-classic band, Le Velvets.



2012 J-Pop Anime Singing Contest and Mini Cosplay Event


Venue and Schedule:

Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

July 21, 2012, 1 – 5 PM



Now on its 4th year, the 2012 J-Pop Anime Singing Contest continues to entice the youthful and energetic talents from all over the Philippines. The 2012 J-Pop Anime Singing Contest finalists will take the center stage as they showcase their best performance to be this year's J-pop Anime Singing Idols.


After receiving and screening seventy-eight entries from all over the Philippines, ten finalists were chosen. The ten finalists, in no particular order, are: Entropy, Haponesang Dilaaat band, Leira Mae Castro, Marianne Topacio, Mayden Ong, OoiCause, Pianika, Sakura Star, Vanessa Anne Mendoza, and ZION. They will perform at the Music Hall , SM Mall of Asia on 21 July 2012 starting at 1 P.M.


The finalists were chosen through a two-day demo CD screening with the following criteria for judging: Diction and Pronunciation of Japanese Lyrics– 40%, Voice Quality – 30%, Interpretation and Choreography – 30%. The top three winning performers will take home exciting gadgets and goodies.


Alongside with the 2012 J-POP Anime Singing Contest Grand Finale is the awarding ceremony of the Mini Cosplay Contest where fifteen finalists will have a chance to display their most creative and alluring costume as they imitate the signature move of their favorite anime characters.


The audience will also be entertained by a musical performance by the Embassy of Japan's own music band, the “No Plan Band”. Various engaging activities are in stored for all Japanophiles such as anime-making demonstration by Toei Animation Philippines, meet and greet session with Doraemon and Nobita, and Japanese food tasting by Yoshinoya.


Immediately after the J-Pop Anime Singing Contest Grand Finale, there will be free screening of Japanese animation films in SM Mall of Asia, Cinema 6.


This event is co-organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation, Manila with the cooperation of Animation International Licensing Philippines, Center for Pop Music, Nihongo Center Foundation, SM Mall of Asia, Toei Animation Philippines, Yoshinoya, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines, Inc., Ajinomoto, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Yakult, and HERO TV as the media partner. For inquiries, please call the Embassy of Japan at 551-5710 loc 2318 or send an email to jicc-mnl@ma.mofa.go.jp.




Anime Film Showing


Venue and Schedule

SM Cinema 6, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

July 21, 2012, 7PM – Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

July 22, 2012, 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM - Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky



The anime fever continues to rise and dominate the movie scene, so anime fanatics mark your calendars and watch these two exciting films!


Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky

It is the time once again for our hero, Detective Conan and his arch nemesis, the Magic Kid to face each other and battle it out - but this time with a little twist - the two will also have a common enemy to worry about!


On August 7th, a group of seven that calls themselves the “Red Siamese Cat” invades a high security laboratory that handles some of the world's deadliest bacteria. Afterwards they reveal that they now have in their possession the bacteria that, if the public is exposed to it, 80% will perish, and add that within the next 7 days they will take the next step.


In the meantime, a proud owner of a magnificent jewel named the “Lady Sky” challenges Magic Kid by inviting him to come steal the jewel from him, within the 6 hours the jewel will be on open display in the sky aboard a tightly-secured airship.


Magic Kid, of course, graciously accepts the challenge, and thus begins another fast-paced adventure led by Detective Conan. Will Magic Kid in his signature white suit and cape manage to take off with the jewel? Will Conan be able to protect his girlfriend, Ran from being exposed to the deadly bacteria? Or will time finally run out on everyone?


FullMetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

Crossing ages, a new “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” is back! Hiromu Arakawa's mega hit comics “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” which sold a series total of 50 million copies.


The original comics tells the story of Edward Elric, a young alchemist with the nickname of “FULLMETAL” and his arduous journey with his younger brother Alphonse Elric has garnered a huge fan following. The television animation, “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Brotherhood”, timed to end together with the comic series was also a big hit not only in Japan but also in more than 45 countries.


Edward Elric, a youth who holds the title of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” and his brother Alphonse, set out on a journey to Tablecity, a town that is along the border between Amestris and the great western nation of Creta to pursue a fugitive escaped from the Central Amestris Prison, Melvin Voyager. Ed and his brother saw Melvin using an unknown alchemy circle and thought that it might be a key to regain their bodies.


But their journey is fraught with chaos from the very beginning - a strange wolf chimera on their train, a mysterious group named “Black Bats” which attacked the train going to Amestris, Melvin who appeared before them once again, and a young girl whom they found among a group of escaping illegal immigrants, called Julia Crichton. Julia is a tragically-fated girl who was born out of this land formerly called “Milos”.


Ed and Al descend upon the darkness of Tablecity, guided by Julia. There they would know the history and sighs of the people of Milos, a land at the mercies of larger nations. As the story proceeds, the relationship between Julia and Melvin comes to light. What would Ed and Al see on the blood-stained “Hill of Sighs (Milos)” Now, the story begins.


For inquiries, please call the Embassy of Japan at 551-5710 loc 2318 or send an email to jicc-mnl@ma.mofa.go.jp.



Le Velvets Live in Manila


Venue and Schedule:

Mall Shows

The Block Atrium, SM North EDSA

6 PM, July 20

Events Center, SM Megamall

5 PM, July 21

Le Velvets Concert

The Atrium, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

7 PM, July 22, 2012




Le Velvets, said to be the Asian Il Divo, will visit the Philippines for the first time to treat their Filipino fans to a night of great music.


Composed of five young and talented individuals, Le Velvets is hailed by famous Classical Academies in Japan. They offer an array of music genre ranging from classical to contemporary pop, making the group available to people of all ages.


After bringing together the young talent from around country, they were put through an extreme schedule where some felt as if they came to military camp. Even after 3 years since the group was organized, the hard training (fitness, English, vocal, dance, music strategy) continues. Starting by performing on the streets, in one year, they have gathered enough fans to sell out venues of over 2,000 seats.


The Le Velvets' music is an exciting blend of classical music, contemporary pop and music of many genres. The fine harmony of 3 tenors and 2 baritones has created a breath taking experience to those who have tasted their music. All 5 young men are gifted with incredible voices, good looks and not to mention their undeniable charm. The Le Velvets' performance is not only known for their great music, but has become a fantastic entertainment group to their fans.


First Time in Manila


The Filipino music enthusiasts will have the chance to witness Japan's hottest pop-classical group in live performance! Le Velvets will demonstrate J-pop's unrivaled qualities such as professionalism, depth, and maturity. What's more exciting is the fact that they will visit the Philippines just in time for the celebration of the Philippines-Japan Friendship month.


As the highlight of the Japan Day, the Embassy of the Japan in the Philippines together with the support of Viva Entertainment, SM Group, and the Philippine Airlines will hold a concert at SM Mall of Asia's Atrium on July 22, at 7:00 PM. Expect to see them immortalize pop-classical songs and be amazed by their own rendition of the classic Sana'y Wala ng Wakas and other Filipino songs.


Aside from their concert, Le Velvets will also hold a series of mall shows at the following places: The Block Atrium at SM North EDSA at 6 p.m. on July 20; the SM Megamall Event Center, 5 p.m., July 21; Catch them also in a dinner show at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City at 9 p.m. on July 21. They will also visit various radio stations and appear on major television networks. For any inquiries please contact 551-5710 loc. 2318 or visit Le Velvets website: http://le-velvets.com/