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Press Office - PR#68–2012, August 10, 2012


Groundbreaking of Japan- Funded

Evacuation Shelter in Albay





The Embassy of Japan's Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Motohiko Kato joined Albay Governor Jose Salceda at the groundbreaking of the Japan-funded Project for Evacuation Shelter Construction in Disaster Vulnerable Areas in Province of Albay on August 8 and 9 , 2012 in the M unicipality of Sto. Domingo, Oas, Polangui, Libon, Manito and Legazpi City in the Province of Albay .


The grant aid, signed last year, provides a necessary fund up to 739 million yen (approximately 398 million pesos) for the construction and rehabilitation of schools used as evacuation shelters in times of disaster in the Province of Albay.


The Province of Albay has always been a disaster-prone area, often plagued by pyroclastic flow caused by eruptions of Mayon Volcano and mud flow and floods caused by frequent typhoons. Under this project, the targeted facilities will be used as evacuation shelters to secure evacuees in times of disaster and will also be used as classrooms to provide students with safe and comfortable learning environment. The project seeks to strengthen growth and development in the region by enhancing disaster prevention and education facilities simultaneously for the people of Albay.


Japan , as the top donor of ODA to the Philippines as well as a disaster-prone country itself , has supported the Philippines' disaster mitigation efforts by sharing its experiences and lessons learned from the past natural disasters. This project reaffirms the continued commitment of Japan to extend cooperation in minimizing threats of disasters. This project is expected to further foster a strategic partnership between the two countries towards the future.




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