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Press Office - PR#92–2013, August 23, 2013

Japanese Pop Culture
An Invitation Program for ASEAN Member States,
Australia, New Zealand, India and Timor-Leste



JENESYS 2.0 Participants with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
during his visit in the Philippines last July 26 – 27, 2013.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Japan continues its youth exchange programs with the JENESYS 2.0 Programme. The fourth batch for this year, the program will focus on Japanese Pop Culture and aims to promote understanding on Japan’s pop culture among youth in Asian and Oceanian countries.

Under this program, 232 university students, including 18 Filipino students, ages 18- 30 years old will be invited to Japan for a 2-week immersion, from September 30 – October 9, 2013. During their stay in Japan, the students will be divided into three areas:


            Animation – In this group, the participants will be exposed to the newest trend of animation of Japan, experience making an animation, and exchange views with the students at educational institutions of animation.


            Fashion – In this group, the participants will experience firsthand Japanese fashion trend through visits to professional institutions, center of urban trends.


            Entertainment – In this group, the participants will experience such activities as visits to agent companies of young pop stars.


The JENESYS 2.0 Program – Japanese Pop Culture is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Japan through the cooperation of the Japan Information and culture Center (JICC) of the Embassy of Japan, the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE), the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) of the Philippines and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


Application to the Program ends on August 30, 2013 (Friday). For qualification, guidelines, and application forms, please visit the Embassy of Japan website (http://www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp), National Commission for Culture and the Arts website (http://www.ncca.gov.ph/main.php) or the Cultural Center of the Philippines website (http://culturalcenter.gov.ph/)


For inquiries and application submission, please contact Ms. Annie Luis of NCCA at 5272206, e-mail: ncca_iao@yahoo.com; itl_affairs@ncca.gov.ph or Ms. Lilian C. Barco, Human Resources Management Department Manager of CCP at 8340137.


All expenses incurred during the program will be borne by the Government of Japan.







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