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2012 Speeches (As delivered)

Message of Ambassador Toshinao Urabe

On the occasion of

Grant Contract Signing of J-BIRD Grassroots Projects


Honorable Secretary Teresita “Ging” Quintos-Deles

Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, OPAPP


Major General Abdul Rahim Bin Mohd Yusuff

Head of Mission, International Monitoring Team (IMT)


Representatives of recipient Organizations and Schools,

(Thank you for coming all the way from Mindanao.)


Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen:



Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Each individual is tiny in this global community.


However, the peace and prosperity of the community depends on how much each member is educated, healthy and free from fear. Personal security and attainment of their full potential for each individual is the key in achieving national development. This is the concept of Human Security.


The Government of Japan has been advocating this concept for years. It is gaining wider acceptance in the international community. In 2010, UNGA adopted a resolution on this concept. The policy of inclusive growth pursued by the Aquino administration is in line with our thinking.


We are involved in the Mindanao Peace Process. Achieving peace and human security in Mindanao will enhance the development of the Philippines. Peace and better welfare in the Philippines will contribute to the stability and prosperity in Asia. What happened in Cambodia, 1993 is a good example. Japan played an important role in the process.


Japan is also making efforts to build peace in Afghanistan, Middle East, and South Sudan. Japan has renounced the use of force to advance its national interest. It is very important for the peace and prosperity of Japan hereby to have less conflict in the global community.


Today, we are launching eight projects: classrooms, post-harvest facilities, agricultural training center, medical equipment. These facilities will offer a chance to the individuals in fulfilling their potentials. The total amount is 34 million pesos. A project to help small-scale farmers by building irrigation, post-harvest facilities, access roads to markets is also in the pipeline.


Let me conclude by expressing my sincere wish that all the parties of the Mindanao Peace Process make the most out of these building blocks for peace. Success is what we need.