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Registration of Birth


The Japanese babies born in the Philippines must be registered in Japan. The registration may be executed in Japan, or through the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, within 3 months from their birth to prevent loss of their Japanese nationality.

Who has to be registered? Who may report?
(Notifying personnel)

A baby from married couple, wherein either one or both parents are Japanese National

Either the father or the mother

A baby whose mother is a Japanese National


A baby who was acknowledged by the Japanese national father prior to his/her birth

Japanese national father or the mother of the baby


What documents are necessary for the registration?


1. Birth registration application form available at the Embassy of Japan.

2. Certified true copy of birth certificate issued by the city hall or PSA (former NSO) and its
Japanese translation – 2 copies each

3. Koseki Tohon (Family register), or its copy, to confirm the family relationship

4. Certificate of acceptance of acknowledgement of embryonic child – in case the application was made in Japan.

5. Photo ID, e.g., Passport, Driver’s License, or Government ID of the informant

6. Signet, if thumbprint is not acceptable.


※ When establishing a new domicile address different from the father’s or mother’s domicile, three (3) sets of the above mentioned documents ( all original ) are necessary. This application is subject for approval by the city hall in Japan.



When should you register a new born baby?


The new born baby between Japanese and Philippines couple must be reported no later than 3 months after birth directly to the Japanese city hall or through the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. The Article 12 of Nationality Act stated that:


A Japanese citizen who acquired the nationality of a foreign country through birth and who was born abroad shall retroactively lose Japanese nationality at the time of birth, unless he/she indicates an intention to reserve Japanese nationality pursuant to the provision of Family Registration Act (Act No. 224 of 1947).
【Nationality Act  Article 12】



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