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Consular Services


Police Clearance


Applications for permanent resident visa in the Philippines, SRRV, or permanent resident in the United States of America, or other countries



1.Japanese citizens aged 14 years old and above.

2.Foreigners aged 14 years old and above with previous residence in Japan.


Original valid passport
※ If the applicant has documents indicating a police clearance is required, then the applicant must furnish the same.


Procedure of Application:
Appear in person
Complete the application form at the Embassy and have your fingerprint taken at either of the following offices:
–    Embassy of Japan in Philippines, Manila
  Headquarters of the Philippines National Police (PNP)
  Crime Laboratory, Camp Crame, Quezon City
  Tel: 02-732-0401

–    Consular Office of Japan in Cebu
  Cebu City Police Office (CCPO)
  Crime Records Section (Finger printing)
  Tel: 032-236-2762

※ Any other nearest police station offices are also available.


–  Consular Office of Japan in Dabao

       At the same office


Processing time:
Approximately 2 months
The Embassy after receiving the application with the fingerprints form will send it to the National Police Agency via Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for examination.
The applicant will be contacted upon results.


Issuance condition:

The applicant or the representative may receive the police cliarnace issued by the National Police Agency in Japan.


The representative may receive the police clearance with the following required documents, if the applicant has physical difficulties of movement:

  • Authorized letter signed by the applicant and an attached copy of applicant’ s photo ID
  • Exchange slip for the certificate issued by the Embassy during the application.
  • Photo ID such as passport, driver’s license, or SSS card.


Consular Fee: Free


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