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1. Photos must be pasted to the designated portions of the visa application forms. Photos that have been stapled to the application forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

2. Photos must be the proper size. Submitted photos of a size not confirming to the size requirements listed in the Embassy of Japan's visa application guidelines WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Applicants are reminded, only photos that meet all Embassy requirements are to be submitted. Please refer to the STANDARDIZED and NON-STANDARDIZED photo examples

Your strict compliance is appreciated.


  1. The applicant is to appear alone and he or she must be facing forward.
  2. The photos must be taken no more than 6 months prior to submission.
  3. The photos must not be bordered and must conform to the size specifications.
  4. Photos in which the applicant is wearing headbands, caps, etc., will not be accepted.
  5. Photo's with backgrounds that are not plain
    and white (free of objects, designs and shading) will not be accepted.
  • Photo is too small.

  • Photo is too large.

  • Photo is not centered.

  • Do not wear sunglasses.

  • Background is not white.

  • Do not wear headbands, caps, etc.

  • Photos containing shadows or shading are not acceptable.

  • Background is not plain (free of objects, designs and shading).

  • Eyeglasses must not reflect light or otherwise obscure facial features.

  • Facial expressions in photos must be general expressions (not exaggerated).

  • Hair must not obscure facial features. .