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Loan Aid


ODA Loans make development funds available to developing countries at low interest rates and with long repayment periods. These loans provide funds to develop and improve the economic and social infrastructure necessary to support self-help efforts and sustainable economic development. Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is the implementation agency for Japan’s ODA loans.

A large portion of Japanese ODA especially that extended to middle level developing countries has been in the form of loans because Japan believes that ODA should be used to support the self help efforts of developing countries. ODA loans, with their repayment obligations, are more effective in facilitating development in meddle-level developing countries, making the recipient governments more carefully appraise how such loans are effectively and efficiently allocated for specific projects.

History of Japan’s ODA loan to the Philippines goes back to 1968. Since then, Japan has continuously supported the Government of the Philippines in various fields including construction of roads and bridges, development of railways and airports, flood control projects and environmental management projects. Japan’s ODA Loans to the Philippines exceed US$ 18.5 billion (E/N bases) cumulatively up to the year 2003.

On-going Loan Aid Projects
Project Name E/A L/A Signing Amount(M Yen)
Forestry Sector Project DENR 19930819 6,638
Tiwi Geothermal Power Plant Complex Rehabilitation Project NPC 19941207 7,056
Mak-ban Geothermal Power Plant Complex Rehabilitation Project NPC 19941207 6,630
Lower Agusan Development Project (Irrigation Component) NIA 19950830 4,040
Provincial Cities Water Supply Project (IV) LWUA 19950830 6,131
Agno and Allied Rivers Urgent Rehabilitation Project DPWH 19950830 8,312
Metro Cebu Development Project (III)(Cebu South Reclamation) CCG 19950830 12,315
Metro Cebu Development Project (III)(Cebu South Coastal Road) DPWH 19950830 18,391
Nationwide Air Navigation Facilities Modernization Project (III) DOTC 19950830 6,386
Rural Road Network Development Project (II) DPWH 19950830 12,895
Metro Manila Strategic Mass Rail Transit Dev. Project (I) LRTA 19960329 24,712
Social Reform Related Feeder Ports Development Project DOTC 19970318 5,746
Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway (Mindanao) Rehab Project DPWH 19970318 7,683
Second Mandaue-Mactan Bridge (II) and Metro Cebu Road Project DPWH 19970318 6,593
Northern Negros Geothermal Project PNOC-EDC 19970318 14,460
Leyte-Bohol Interconnection Project NPC 19970318 8,086
Luzon Grid Transmission Project Associated with Private Power Project NPC 19970318 14,972
Metro Manila Flood Control Project-West of Mangahan Floodway DPWH 19970318 9,411
Lower Agusan Development Project (LADP) Phase II DPWH 19970318 7,979
Provincial Cities Water Supply Project (Phase V) LWUA 19970318 7,228
Special Economic Zones Environmental Management Project PEZA 19970318 2,746
Third Elementary Education Project DepEd 19970318 11,122
Metro Manila Strategic Mass Rail Transit Dev. Project (III) LRTA 19980910 23,668
Metro Manila Interchange Construction Project (Phase IV) DPWH 19980910 5,849
Batangas Port Development Project (Phase II) PPA 19980910 14,555
Arterial Road Links Development Project (Phase III) DPWH 19980910 13,564
Domestic Shipping Modernization Program (Phase II) DBP 19980910 19,990
Selected Airports (Trunkline) Development Project (Phase I) DOTC 19980910 5,728
Metro Iligan Regional Infrastructure Development Project PGLDN 19980910 4,328
Agno River Flood Control Project (Phase II) DPWH 19980910 6,734
Southern Mindanao Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project DENR 19980910 3,201
Local Government Units Support Credit Program LBP 19980910 6,072
Central Luzon Irrigation Project NIA 19980910 14,136
Fisheries Resource Management Project DA-BFAR 19980910 2,428
Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program DENR 19990310 36,300
Industrial and Support Services Expansion Program (Phase II) DBP 19991228 35,350
Environmental Infrastructure Support Credit Program (Phase II) DBP 19991228 20,529
Secondary Education Development and Improvement Project DepEd 19991228 7,210
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (Phase V) DILG 19991228 951
Bohol Irrigation Project (Phase II) NIA 19991228 6,078
Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project (Phase II) DAR 19991228 16,990
Arterial Road Links Development Project (Phase IV) DPWH 19991228 15,384
Cordillera Road Improvement Project DPWH 19991228 5,852
Phil-Japan Friendship Highway Mindanao Section Rehab (Phase II) DPWH 19991228 7,434
Rehab. and Maint. of Bridges along Arterial Roads Project (Phase IV) DPWH 19991228 5,068
Maritime Safety Improvement Project Phase C DOTC 19991228 4,714
Pinatubo Hazard Urgent Mitigation Project (Phase II) DPWH 19991228 9,013
Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project (Phase I) DPWH 19991228 1,167
LRT Line 1 Capacity Expansion Project (Phase II) LRTA 20000407 22,262
KAMANAVA Area Flood Control and Drainage System Improve Project DPWH 20000407 8,929
Mindanao Container Terminal Project PIA 20000407 8,266
New Iloilo Airport Development Project DOTC 20000831 14,724
Subic Bay Port Development Project SBMA 20000831 16,450
Second Magsaysay Bridge Construction Project DPWH 20000831 3,549
Arterial Road Links Development Project (Phase V) DPWH 20010530 8,294
Metro Manila Interchange Construction Project (Phase V) DPWH 20010530 5,543
Selected Airports (Trunkline) Development Project (Phase II) DOTC 20010530 11,743
Rural Road Network Development Project (III) DPWH 20010530 6,205
Help for Catubig Agricultural Advancement Project PGNS 20010530 5,210
Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Area Development Project DAR 20010530 6,515
Agno River Flood Control Project (Phase II-B) DPWH 20010530 2,789
Laoag River Basin Flood Control and Sabo Project DPWH 20010530 6,309
Sustainable Environmental Management Project in Northern Palawan DOT 20010530 2,034
Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway Project BCDA 20010914 41,931
Arterial Road Links Development Project (Phase VI) DPWH 20020328 6,723
New CNS/ATM Systems Development Project DOTC 20020328 22,049
Bago River Irrigation System Rehabilitation and Improvement Project NIA 20020328 3,224
Iloilo Flood Control Project (Phase II) DPWH 20020328 6,790
Urgent Bridges Construction Project for Rural Development DPWH 20020328 18,488
Improve. of Marine Disaster Res. and Environ. Protect. System Proj. DOTC 20020328 9,356
Northern Luzon Wind Power Project PNOC-EDC 20020328 5,857
ARMM Social Fund for Peace and Development Project ARMM   2,470
Central Mindanao Road Project DPWH   3,717
Subic Bay Free Port Environmental Management Project (Phase 2) SBMA 20030328 991