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Press Office - PR#88–2011, October 26, 2011


Japan construct s Community-based Facility

in Mandaue, Cebu



Japanese Ambassador Toshinao Urabe congratulates Executive Director Lolita Ganapin of Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. after signing the grant contract for “The Project for the Rebuilding of Community Based Facility in Mandaue City,” on Octover 24, 2011 at the Embassy of Japan. The ceremony was witnessed by the officials of Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. and the Embassy of Japan.


Japanese Ambassador Toshinao Urabe and Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. Executive Director Lolita Ganapin signed the grant contract for “The Project for the Rebuilding of Community Based Facility in Mandaue City” on 24 October 2011 at the Embassy of Japan. The p roject, amounting to US$ 88,459 (approximately 3.9 million pesos) , is funded through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP).


Mandaue City with a population of around 340,000 lies in the eastern center of Cebu. Although the city is part of Cebu's commercial districts, squatter areas can also be seen reflecting the increasing numbers of poor families including those who come from other provinces in Visayas and Mindanao. In the squatter areas, there are children who get involved in the prostitution, and many of them are suffering from diseases including sexually transmitted infections and also affected by psychological disorder.


Bidlisiw Foundation Inc., a local NGO, started its activities in 1989 to support the children, in particular those who are called the commercially and sexually exploited children (CSEC). The local NGO has implemented various activities such as the provision of therapeutic sessions, health education sessions, alternative learning sessions, vocational skills training sessions so that the children can be reintegrated into the society and go back to their homes. In addition, the foundation also provides support for families of CSEC through livelihood training programs and counseling that facilitates the reintegration of CSEC into their families. During the last three years, around 700 children and their 3,000 family members have been provided various assistances from the foundation. However, the foundation's current facility has been more than 20 years and dilapidated. They also run short of equipment necessary for their programs.


Under th ese circumstance s , Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. sought the assistance from the Embassy of Japan. With the grant provided, a new community-based facility will be constructed in Mandaue City. In addition, the equipment for educational programs and basic medical care will also be provided. It is expected that an estimated 2,200 children and their family members will benefit from various programs and activities that the foundation provides every year.


The Government of Japan, as the top ODA donor for the Philippines, launched the GGP in the Philippines in 1989 for the purpose of reducing poverty and helping various communities engaged in grassroots activities. As of September 2011, 452 grassroots projects funded by GGP – ranging from roughly 1 to 4 million pesos – have been implemented by NGOs, local government units and other non-profit organizations. The total grant for these projects so far amounts to US$20,854,771. Japan believes that this project will not only strengthen friendship between the peoples of Japan and the Philippines but also contribute to further fostering a strategic partnership between Japan and the Philippines toward the future.



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