Single-entry Tourist Visa for Philippine Nationals Joining Package Tours organized by Registered Travel Agencies

Aimed to further develop Japan-Philippine exchange, a new system to simplify the visa application procedure for single-entry tourist visa of Philippine Nationals, who join package tours organized by the registered travel agencies, will be implemented starting November 20, 2014. Under this system, part of the requirements (proof of financial capacity etc.) that applicants used to prepare may be omitted.
Please refer below for the procedure under this system.

1. Eligible Applicants

Tour participants who apply for visas under this system must be nationals of the Philippines currently residing in the region under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Embassy/Consulate in the Philippines.

Definition of Package Tour

Package tours should be organized, advertised for participants, and carried out by registered travel agencies themselves for tourism purposes only. Purposes other than tourism (such as commercial/business, visiting relatives, visiting friends) cannot apply under this system.

Reservations for round-trip airplane tickets to Japan, accommodations throughout the tour period and domestic transportation services if applicable (domestic plane tickets, shinkansen, express trains, buses, and ferries etc.) must be arranged by the registered travel agencies. Applicants cannot make the arrangements themselves.
(3) Period of stay in Japan must not exceed 15 days

3. Required Documents

  • passport
  • visa application form
  • photo
  • birth certificate
  • marriage contract(if the applicant is married)
 ※If the applicant has his/her passport(old or valid)with used Japanese visa, birth certificates and marriage contracts can be exempted.

List of Registered Travel Agencies