Visa/Consular Services


Types of Visa

    1. Visa for Tourism *Temporarily suspended.
    2. Visit Friends or Distant Relatives *Temporarily suspended.
    3. Visa for Visiting Relatives *Temporarily suspended.
    4. Visa for Commercial Purpose *Temporarily suspended.
    5. To attend Conference by Private/Public Organization *Temporarily suspended.
    6. Visit Relatives/Friends Invited by US Military Personnel (SOFA Status) *Temporarily suspended.
    7. Visa for Spouse of a Japanese National (Temporary Visit) * Please consult with the Embassy in advance.
    8. Official/Diplomat 
    9. Visa for house servant hired by Official/Diplomat * Please consult with the Embassy in advance.
   10. Visa for application with Certificate of Eligibility Issued in Japan (Please check here
       * For “Spouse/Child of Japanese National”, “Spouse/Child of Permanent Resident” and “Long-Term Resident”, please consult with the Embassy in advance.
       * Other categories of visa including working, dependent and student visa are NOT acceptable at this stage.
       * For expired Certificate of Eligibility, please see this page.
   11. Visa for Transit *Temporarily suspended.
   12. Visa for Medical Stay *Please consult with the Embassy in advance.
   13. NIKKEI-JIN (JAPANESE DESCENDANTS) *Please consult with the Embassy in advance.
   14. Visa for Filipino Parents of Japanese- Filipino Children (JFC) who are traveling to Japan with the children *Please consult with the Embassy in advance.
   15. Single- Entry Tourist Visa for Philippine Nationals Joining Package Tours Organized by Registered Travel Agencies *Temporarily suspended.

You may submit application documents for several purposes of visit. An examination will be made for each purpose and a visa will be issued accordingly.

If you wish to apply for a multiple-entry visa, you need to submit a form of reason for requesting a multiple-entry visa with documents to prove that you are qualified for a multiple-entry visa. In case it is not possible to issue a multiple-entry visa as a result of the examination, you may also submit the necessary documents for the single (or double) entry visa. *Temporary suspended.

Multiple Visa
  1. Multiple Entry Visa for Tourist *Temporarily suspended.
  2. Multiple Entry Visa for Business Purpose and Cultural or Intellectual Figures *Temporarily suspended. 

Extension of Re-entry Permit

For Inquiries

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