Visa/Consular Services



Important Notice

1. Digitization of "Certificate of Eligibility (COE)"
  From 17th March, Japan Immigration accepts application for digitized COE. For details, please see this.

2. Acceptance of Photocopy of Japanese Documents 
 From 17th March, we accept photocopy of documents issued/prepared in Japan instead of the original. For details, please see this

3. Advanced procedures for Customs, Immigration and Quarantine
1. From 29th April 2023, all entrants/returnees to Japan do not need to submit a valid vaccination certificate nor a negative certificate of COVID-19.
2. Please use “Visit Japan Web” for smooth Immigration and Customs procedures when traveling to Japan.

How to Apply

  1. Inquiries Concerning Visa 
  2. General Information
  3. List of Accredited Agencies
  4. FAQs on Japan Visa
  5. Extension of Re-entry Permit
  6. Visa Fee Exemption for Foreigners Visiting Three Tohoku Prefectures

For Inquiries concerning Consular Services (except Visa)

Manila :   (02) 8834-7514 
  E-mail Address
Consulate-General in Cebu :   (032) 231-7321/7322 
  E-mail Address
Consulate-General in Davao :   (082) 221-3100/3200
  E-mail Address