For Visitors to MIYAGI, FUKUSHIMA and IWATE Prefectures

 As part of the reconstruction assistance after the Great East Japan Earthquake, visa fee for foreign visitors to any region of Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate Prefectures has been waived.
 The eligibility and requirements for visa fee waiver are as below;
   (1) Applicant for “Temporary Visitor” visa who will visit one of three prefectures above mentioned.
     ※ For all nationals of the Philippines, Visa fee of “Temporary Visitor” is exempted and no need this procedure.
   (2) Applicant for visa except “Temporary Visitor” who will reside, work or study in one of three prefectures above mentioned.

    The visa application need to be submitted to the embassy by March 31, 2026.
       (Select and check applicable boxes and write your name and signature)
   (2) Documents to prove Eligibility
      ※ In case your visit cannot be confirmed by the documents, the visa fee will not be exempted.
      (a) Applicant for “Temporary Visitor” visa
           Photocopy of documents to prove the reservation of flight, vessel, train, event or accommodation in one of three prefectures above mentioned.
         ※ You don’t need to purchase the tickets in advance for application because your visa may not be granted as a result of inspection.
      (b) Applicant for visa except “Temporary Visitor”
           Photocopy of admission letter, employment contract or Juminhyo (Residence certificate) which shows your cohabitant’s address in Japan, etc.