Non-acceptance Request

What is Non-acceptance Request?
  This is a request to prevent a false entry in a family register due to reports that are made without the knowledge or intention of the owner of the family register. One of the intended reports of family register is Divorce Report.
 Non-acceptance Request from a Foreign national
  A foreign national may submit in Japan a non-acceptance request against a Japanese national, however diplomatic establishments of Japan overseas cannot receive a non-acceptance request from foreign nationals. (Only Japanese nationals can submit a non-acceptance request at diplomatic establishments of Japan overseas.)
  As a general rule, a foreign national needs to submit a non-acceptance request personally at the city/ward/town/village office in Japan. In case a person cannot submit the request personally due to illness or other unavoidable reasons, the non-acceptance request may be submitted by forwarding a notarized document containing the following information: 1) intention for Non-acceptance Request 2) date of request, 3) name, date of birth, address and reference to the family register of those who makes the request (Ordinance for the Enforcement of the Family Register Act Article No. 54). For more details, please inquire with concerned city/ward/town/village office where you will submit your request.