Important Note on the Document Submission


1. General Notes

(1) Original Documents
  (a) All documents issued/prepared in the Philippines must be original except those specifically stated on our HP.
  (b) A photocopy of documents issued/prepared in Japan is acceptable. However, we will request the submission of the original document, if it is necessary for inspection.  
  (c) The submitted documents cannot be returned. If you want, submit it with its photocopy and request of return.
(2) Validity of documents
    * All documents must be issued within 3 months (only for Birth/Marriage Certificate, 1 year) from the date of application.
(3) Size of documents, Translation, etc.
  (a) All documents must be in A4 size. Documents of other size must be copied (reduced/enlarged) into A4 and submitted with the original. However, a document of regal size (or almost same as A4 size) is acceptable and no need for photocopy.
  (b) Never staple documents. Issuance receipt of certificate is not necessary and must be removed.
  (c) As of documents issued/prepared in other language than English or Japanese, the translation in English or Japanese is required (the date of translation, translator’s name and signature is necessary).
(4) Depending on the content of application, additional documents may be required through the accredited agency. If you fail to submit within 1 month from the date of request by the embassy, the application will be terminated.

2. Passport

  Must not be broken, damaged or soiled and has two blank pages for visa.

3. Visa Application Form (Example)

(1) Fill in all the item in English. If an item is no applicable, fill in “N/A”.
(2) For “Date of application”, fill in the date of submission to the accredited agency (or the embassy in case of direct application).

4. Facial Photo

(1) Must be 4.5 x 3.5 (cm) and taken within 6 months from the date of application.
(2) Must be glued on the designated space on the form. It can be either monochrome or colored, must be clear with white background.
(3) Write your full name and date of birth on the back of photo.
(4) A photo out of the standard or digitally modified is not acceptable.

5. Itinerary in Japan

(1) Enter the scheduled date of entry and departure to/from Japan (including flight information, if possible. Booking is not necessary).
(2) Enter the details of accommodation (as of hotel, name, address and phone number. Booking is not necessary).
(3) Itinerary must be entered in a daily basis. However, in case similar activities will continue for several days, put them into one column in this way “Year/Month/Day-Year/Month/Day”.

6. Letter of Guarantee

  In case that multiple applicants have the same guarantor, write the name of the representative of the applicants and “Others names, see attached list”, then prepare "List of Visa Applicants". 

7. Invitation Letter

(1) As to the purpose and background of invitation, fill in the concrete activities and the background/circumstances of the invitation in detail.
  A vague description such as “Sightseeing”, “Visiting Relatives” or “Friend” is not acceptable.
(2) Depending on the reason for invitation, submit supporting documents to prove it (i.e., medical certificate, copy of Maternal and Child Health Handbook (Boshi-techo), etc.) .
  Never submit a copy of Individual Number Card (My Number Card) or Medical Insurance Card in Japan. We cannot accept them.

8. Income Certificate/Tax Certificate/Copy of Final Tax Return Forms

(1) Must be the latest one at the time of application.
(2) Tax payment certificate (Nozei-shomeisho) must include description of the total income amount.
(3) Final Tax Return Forms (Kakutei-shinkokusho) must have an acceptance stamp of the tax office.
 * In case of e-Tax, submit Notice of receipt (Jushin-tsuuchi) with the copy of Final tax return forms (Kakutei-shinkokusho).
(4) Withholding Slip (Gensen-choshuhyo) is not acceptable.
  (a) If the inviter cannot submit any of the above, submit other document such as a certificate of bank deposit or notice of pension payment, etc.
  (b) Your guarantor and inviter does not need to be the same person. In such a case, submit a proof of relationship with your guarantor and an explanation of the reason why the said person becomes your guarantor.

9. Residence Certificate(Jumin-hyo)

  Must include description of all household members without omission.
  However, Individual Number (Kojin-bango) and Residence Certificate Code (Juminhyo-code) must be omitted.

10. Baptismal Certificate

  Add the contact information (landline number) of the church, if possible.

11. Employment Certificate

   Must include applicant’s position, period of employment, monthly (or annual) income, certifier’s name and contact information.

12. Certificate of Business Registration

  Must be a photocopy of Certificate of Registration issued by Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

13. Travel Order/Dispatch Letter

  Must include purpose of trip and length of stay.