Notice to Post-World War II Remaining Japanese / 2nd Generation Nikkei-jin

Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
Consulate-General of Japan in Cebu
Consulate-General of Japan in Davao
Philippine Nikkei-jin Legal Support Center (PNLSC)
1 Background of the Issue:
   After World War II, Japanese nationals in the Philippines were forcibly repatriated to Japan, leaving behind their Filipino wives and children (referred to as 'remaining Japanese' or '2nd Generation Nikkei-jin,' among other terms).
   Many of them went into hiding in the Philippine mountains or remote areas and were forced into impoverished living conditions, enduring a prolonged post-war period without proper identification and nationality acquisition.
2 Investigation and Individual Consultations for Japanese Nationality Acquisition
   The support for those wishing to acquire Japanese nationality has been ongoing.
   This year, the Government of Japan has contracted the Philippine Nikkei-jin Legal Support Center to conduct the "18th Survey of Second-Generation Filipino-Nikkei-jin.” We are planning to conduct individual interviews for Japanese nationality acquisition in the following regions from May to July 2024.
   Not limited only to the regions mentioned for this round, all remaining Japanese in different locations in the Philippines who wish to acquire Japanese nationality are encouraged to contact, inquire or consult with us at any time through the contact information provided below. (We will exert our utmost efforts to conduct as many interviews as possible in regions other than those listed below if requested.)
   In preparation for the individual interviews, we would like to request you to prepare as many of the following documents as possible that will confirm your identity such as: your birth certificate (or delayed registration), your parents' (first-generation) marriage certificate (or delayed registration), your parents' (first-generation) death certificate (or delayed registration), an affidavit from a witness, baptismal certificate, statelessness certification, records of captivity, photographs indicating Japanese ancestry, academic transcripts from your student years, intertribal marriage certificates, etc. Your cooperation in providing these documents would be greatly appreciated.
   "18th Survey of Second-Generation Filipino-Nikkei-jin" (tentative)
   ・Interviews in Palawan (Linapacan and Coron) May 2-6, 2024
   ・Interviews in Luzon (to be confirmed) around May 2024
   ・Interviews in Visayas (to be confirmed) around July 2024
   ・Interviews in Mindanao (to be confirmed) around July 2024
(*Note: If you have any additional requests not limited to the above, please do not hesitate to contact the number provided in 4 below.)
3 Procedures for obtaining certification (BI Order) from the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines to defer fines and fees when departing from and re-entering the Philippines without a Philippine Passport after acquiring Japanese Nationality
   Even for those '2nd Generation Nikkei-jin’ who have already acquired Japanese nationality, there have been instances where fines and fees were required when departing from and re-entering the Philippines without holding a Philippine passport, which has been an obstacle to obtaining Japanese nationality and visiting Japan.
   However, with the understanding and cooperation of the Philippine government, on July 5, 2023, the Philippine Department of Justice issued the 'Guidelines On Philippine Nikkei-jin,' which allow the deferment of these fines and fees after obtaining certification from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) recognizing them as "Philippine Nikkei-jin."
   For information on the procedure to obtain this certification (BI Order) from the Bureau of Immigration, please refer to the following webpage of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines or feel free to contact us at the points of contact listed in 4 at any time. We are delighted to assist you.
   Furthermore, as the first case in which these Guidelines were applied, on September 10th, a ‘2nd Generation Nikkei-jin’ individual successfully departed from the Philippines without having to pay the fines and fees.
4 Contact Information:
Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
   2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila, 1300
   Tel. No.(02)8834-7514

Philippine Nikkei-jin Legal Support Centre Inc. (PNLSC)
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