JENESYS Programme


  The JENESYS (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) Programme is an exchange project initiated by the Government of Japan to strengthen people-to-people connections among the youths in Japan and Southeast Asia. It is one of the four regional programs under Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs.

  First launched in 2007, the JENESYS Programme invites young people from the Philippines and ASEAN member countries to participate in themed exchanges in Japan. For a period of ten (10) days, participants will take part in cultural activities, site visits, and workshops that focus on a specific topic which aim to promote appreciation of Japan’s culture and society.  The programme is open to high school students, university students or young professionals, depending on the theme of the exchange.

  The JENESYS Programme is organized by the Government of Japan in cooperation with partner organization and agencies in the Philippines.  All international expenses for participants will be borne by the Government of Japan.
For information about ongoing applications, please contact:

The National Youth Commission
International Programs Unit
(02) 84268733

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