Japan to conduct online Demo of ICT Telemedicine devices


To contribute to the development of telemedicine in the Philippines, the Government of Japan will hold an online demonstration of Japanese telemedicine services using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) devices. The event, which is in collaboration with Philippine partners is scheduled on February 26, 2022.
During the event, Japanese leading companies will demonstrate state of the art ICT equipment. The exhibit will focus on the following fields:
  • Remote diagnosis tool for pregnant women
  • Opthalmological diagnosis tool using smartphones
  • App enabling remote information-sharing between medical professionals
Promotion of telemedicine services utilizing advanced ICT devices is part of Japan’s undertaking under the Asian Health and Wellbeing Initiative (AHWIN). The AHWIN seeks to contribute to the Universal Health Coverage in Asia, including the Philippines. The ICT telemedicine is also included as a major area of collaboration between Japan and the Philippines under the Memorandum of Cooperation on Healthcare, signed in February 2019. Last March and September 2021, representatives from both sides discussed and agreed to give further momentum on this undertaking to make progress in the Philippines’ telemedicine sector. -end-
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