Assistance Package for Bangsamoro


Japan-Bangsamoro Initiatives for Reconstruction and Development (J-BIRD)

Government of Japan
Underlined: Ongoing

Japan has contributed to Mindanao peace & development that input USD 515 mil (PHP 26 bil) of more than 100 projects since 2002.

3 Pillars of J-BIRD
1. Support for political transition of BTA
2. Support for normalization process
3. Support for socio-economic development

Support for Political Transition of BTA

Advisors to BTA
●  Advisor to Chief Minister
●  Advisor on budget & development planning
Capacity development
●  Capacity Development Project for Bangsamoro (CDPB)
(HR development, livelihood & local industry promotion, mitigation of Covid-19 impacts)
●  JICA training courses & scholarship program in Japan
Development planning
●  2nd Bangsamoro Development Plan (2nd BDP) 2023-2028
●  Master plan on urban infrastructure development in Cotabato City



Support for Normalization Process

   Chief Support Services Officer to IDB
   Management & reduction of private weapons (with UNDP): PHP 260 mil
   Socio-Economic Assistance for Bangsamoro Normalization Process (Technical Vocation Training for Decommissioned Combatants and its communities)
   Fund support for IDB (administration & Covid-19 countermeasures): PHP 44 mil
   Support for JPSTs (JPST stations, vehicles & bikes): PHP 151 mil
●   Prevention of violent extremism (with GCERF): PHP 31 mil
   Social reintegration of former female soldiers (with UNFPA): PHP 66 mil



Support for Socio-Economic Development

■ Infrastructure
  Road network development project: PHP 10,506 mil
●  Programme for the Urgent Improvement of Socioeconomic Infrastructure in Bangsamoro Region (Vocational Training Centers & farm-to-market roads) PHP 4,410 mil
  Capacity building of infrastructure project management for MPW
●   Well-drilling machines: PHP 252 mil
   Water supply equipment management capacity (with ILO): PHP 135 mil
●   Elementary school buildings: PHP 38 mil
   Heavy Machinery for Disaster Recovery: PHP368mil

   Agriculture & fishery
●   Harnessing Agribusiness Opportunities through Robust and Vibrant Entrepreneurship Supportive of Peaceful Transformation(HARVEST): PHP 11,334 mil
●   Project for Capacity Building for Financial Access in Agribusiness (Phase 2)
   Improving productivity of smallholder farmers & fishers (with WFP): PHP 160 mil
   Agricultural training (with FAO): PHP 90 mil
   Provision of 1,778 metric tons of iron-fortified Japanese rice (with WFP): PHP 220 mil
   Enhancing Food Security and Livelihood (with UNDP): PHP 127 mil

■ Healthcare
   Medical equipment: PHP 202 mil
●   Covid-19 response & control (with IOM): PHP 135 mil
●   Covid-19 prevention & response for remote communities (with IOM): PHP 23 mil
   Health care services in remote islands (with IOM): PHP 104 mil

   Marawi reconstruction
●   Programme for the Support for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Marawi City and its Surrounding Areas
●   1,000 shelters for IDPs (with UN-Habitat): PHP 495 mil

■   Others
   Addressing the socio-economic impact of covid-19 (with UNDP): PHP 90 mil