Japan, Philippines sign ODA Grant Agreements Providing Medical Equipment to BARMM and Generators to PCG



     On June 9, 2022, Ambassador KOSHIKAWA Kazuhiko signed and exchanged notes with Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin, Jr. for two (2) grant aid programs from the Government of Japan providing various health equipment to hospitals in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) as well as generators for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

     The first grant, amounting to 500 million yen involves the provision of various health equipment such as dialysis machines, oxygen pipeline systems, ICU beds, biosafety cabinets, fully functional operation room including lighting, and tables to 10 major hospitals in BARMM.  The aid will better equip the recipient hospitals with the necessary diagnostic and lifesaving tools allowing them to provide better health services to the people in the neighboring communities.

     Ambassador Koshikawa cited in his speech that “Japan believes these equipment will boost the quality of health services, giving people greater chances of leading healthier, comfortable, and fulfilled lives.”

     The second grant, amounting to 210 million yen, involves the procurement of 13 portable generators to enhance the operation and maintenance capabilities of the Philippine Coast Guard for its patrol vessels.  The PCG has recently acquired, via ODA loan, several Japan-made Multi-Role Response Vessels (MRRVs) for its maritime patrols as well as search and rescue operations. The generators will be distributed to various ports around the country to assist in the maintenance and repair of PCG’s vessels as they go about their patrol of Philippine seas. 

     The Ambassador stressed that Japan views its relationship with the Philippines with great importance and gave his assurance that Japan will always support the Philippines through continued assistance in various fields ranging from the economy to maritime security and the Mindanao Peace Process. “Our support to both the current and incoming administrations of the Philippine Government will continue to further develop our amicable bilateral relations,” he concluded.