Turnover Ceremony of the Farm To Market Road under the Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Program III (ARISPIII)


Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) - Press Release No. 38 - 2016

Inauguration of Farm to Market Road
With future beneficiaries
Farm to Market Road
Keynote Speech by First Secretary Terada
Embassy of Japan’s First Secretary Kenji Terada, together with JICA’s Sectional Representative Yoshiyuki Ueno, Department of Agrarian Reform Undersecretary Herman Ongkiko, Quezon Province Administrator Ronemel Edaño, Agdangan Municipal Mayor  Rhadam Aguilar, and around 200 farmers from 4 barangays, led the turnover ceremony of the Farm to Market Road under the Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Program III (ARISPIII),
 in the Municipality of Agdangan, Quezon Province on July 29, 2016.  This Farm to Market Road was constructed as a project under ARISPIII, which was funded through the Japan Official Development Assistance program. The total loan support for this project amounts to Eleven Billion Eight Hundred Two Million yen (¥11,802,000,000), equivalent to Five Billion One Hundred Thirty One Million pesos (PHP5,131,000,000).
ARISPIII aims to improve farm efficiency, mobility of farm products and commercial goods, and enhance the quality of life of farmers.  This area is famous for coconut product plantations, where farmers used horses to deliver coconuts before this program.  Through this program, farmer can efficiently deliver coconuts in vehicle and process oil, sugar, soap and any other products using copra, a coconut by-product.
※Exchange rate: 2.3 yen/ peso