Finalists for the 2018 Asian International Children’s Film Festival to fly to Japan!

Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) - Press Release No. 50- 2018

Eight Filipino high school students will represent the Philippines in the 2018 Asian International Children’s Film Festival under the JENESYS2018Programme.

High school students from all over the Philippines submitted 3-minute film entries under the theme “Self-Responsibility”. The top three entries will compete in the Final Selection and Awarding Ceremony on November 24, 2018 at the Grand Hall of Kitami City Hall, Hokkaido, Japan. 

The top three entries are as follows:
1. When Stars Align by Cayna Angelica Gemora, Francesca Aina Unas, and Nina Summer Emmanuelle Cello (St. Scholastica’s College Manila) – Nina is an 18 year old student who relies completely on luck when making decisions whether big or small. From superstitious beliefs to astrological signs, Nina's choices in life based on what she perceives are beyond her control. After a series of mistakes, Nina realizes that goals can only be achieved through hardwork, perseverance and self-responsibility. She learns the important lesson that in the end, we are responsible for our own luck.
2. I Did It by Bea Maureen Cayone, Christine Anne Roa, and Catherine Anne Roa (International Christian Academy)­­-  The story revolves around a spoiled girl who relies on her nanny/helper for everything. Her daily life goes on smoothly until she causes an accident which she blames her nanny for. Her unwillingness to own up to her mistake eventually leads to her nanny leaving.  The girl suffers the consequences of her actions, and realizes her mistake later on.
3. Lampara by Louie Ace Paneda and Earl John Tavor (Rosario Integrated School) – This is the story of a boy who perseveres to finish school despite poverty. Fueled by his dreams and his passion, he walks to school barefooted, works part-time jobs to support himself, and studies at night with only the light of a lamp. His journey towards his goals may be hard, but he is determined to stay responsible and stay on track.
As part of the Philippine delegation, the students are set to participate in activities connected to the contest, including visiting cultural and historical sites around Hokkaido, Japan as well as participating in a cultural exchange with Japanese students.
The Asian International Children’s Film Festival was initiated to promote creativity, friendship, and goodwill among youths from various parts of Asia through film and videos. It is organized under the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths 2018 (JENESYS2018) Programme, which aims to strengthen international relations among the youths of Asia by facilitating various cultural and academic exchanges. All expenses incurred in relation to this event will be borne by the Government of Japan.
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“When Stars Align”
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