Japan Turns Over One 15m Class High-Speed Boat to the Philippine Coast Guard


Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) - Press Release No.84 - 2019


On November 11, Economic Minister Masahiro Nakata attended the ceremony for the turnover of a 15m class high-speed boat to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). Present at the ceremony were Vice Admiral Joel S. Garcia, Ph.D., H.D., Al-Haj, PCG Commandant and other officials.

The delivery of the 15m class high-speed boat completes the 13 high-speed boats package, which was provided upon the request of President Duterte back in 2017. The high-speed boat can travel at a maximum speed of 30 knots, or 55 kilometers per hour, and take 14 crews onboard.

In his speech, Minister Nakata expressed the expectation that this 15m high-speed boat will help further enhance the PCG’s institutional capabilities for the continuous promotion of peace and order in the region.  PCG Commandant Vice Admiral Garcia expressed his gratitude, stating that this boat is a symbol of the “strong relationship between the Philippines and Japan based on our strategic partnership.”