Food and Friendship: The Japan-Philippines 65th Anniversary Online Cooking Contest


As part of the year-long celebration of the 65 years of friendship between Japan and the Philippines, Food and Friendship: The Japan-Philippines 65th Anniversary Online Cooking Contest called for Filipino food enthusiasts to submit their best Filipino-Japanese food creations.

The selected entries impressed Chef SUZUKI Daisuke for their innovative combination of Filipino and Japanese recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. The dish “Shirashi in Tempura Taco Nori” by Ana Liezl Quibrantar was lauded by Chef Suzuki for its skillful presentation and unique preparation style and was chosen as the winner of the contest.

The winning entry and the finalists (in no particular order) are as follows:

WINNER: "Shirashi in Tempura Taco Nori" by Ana Liezl Quibrantar

Marinated fish resembling the Filipino kinilaw and the classic Japanese shirashi with added mango,
avocado, cucumber, and spring onion served with sushi rice and topped with mayo and wasabi tobiko


"Kazarimaki-Bulaklak" by Gerryle Martinez

Kazarimaki filled with Alumahan (Jack Mackerel) served with a variety of side dishes (cucumber, potato, tofu)
"Binakol Udon with Japanese Marinated Chicken and Mixed Tempura Set’’ by Matthew Coshuming

Udon noodles with binakol (coconut-based) broth and Japanese-marinated chicken served with shrimp and mixed-vegetable tempura
“Katsudon Kare Kare” by Julie Ann Minas

Pork katsudon in Kare Kare peanut sauce , served with rice, vegetables, and bagoong (shrimp paste).
"Mango Graham Daifuku" by Rei Regalado

Daifuku/mochi filled with ripe mango, sweet cream, and graham cracker bits
“Pinsec Nori" by Manolo Fernando

Deep fried shrimp and nori sheets (tempura style) served with “Fil-Nippon” (garlic, Japanese mayo, and calamansi) aioli, Wasabi mayo, and Miso mayo
“Peace of Twilight” by Krystle Caubalejo

“Taho (silken tofu) inserted with Anko Japanese red bean reduction together with a quenelle Matcha Ice cream and Sugar ring on top and a pinipig streusel crunch for the base with a Filipino fusion of Halo-halo on the side and a Japanese dango and choco dusted pinipig streusel with a strawberry coulis.”
"Harmony" by Jesi Nepomuceno

Deconstructed rafute-donburi with egg tempura and pickled onion
"Adobo Inari" by Oliver Aquino

Adobo-marinated meat and seasoned quail egg mixed with rice placed inside inari pocket
“Tilapia Teriyaki” by Vanessa Matibag

Tilapia sautéed in teriyaki sauce served with rice and mixed vegetables
“Drunken Chicken Yakisoba with Ajitsuke Tamago and Pandesal” by Bernadon Simeon

Marinated chicken served with Yakisoba noodles with pandesal (traditional Filipino bread) and ajitsuke tamago as sides
“Octopus Robatayaki” by William Solomon

Octopus legs marinated with Filipino-style barbeque sauce served with the following sides: tempura-fried pumpkin (kalabasa) flower, tofu, crispy chicken skin, red chili pepper (siling labuyo) aioli, and yakiniku sauce
"Binignit Dango" by Rosseadelle Ganayo

Dango made with Filipino flavors (ube, jackfruit or langka, sweet potato, taro, and coconut) served warm with binignit (brown sugar coconut) sauce 
“La Paz Batchoy x Tonkotsu Ramen with Bagnet” by Raymon Maubog

Ramen-inspired dish with crispy pork belly (bagnet) and milky pork bone and marrow broth