Call for Application: Promotion of Japanese Companies and Japanese Food/Products at the 2023 Japanese National Day Reception

1. Purpose
The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines will hold the 2023 National Day Reception to celebrate the Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. We are welcoming companies that wish to promote Japan-related products and food at the reception. The promotion of participating companies will contribute to showcasing the attractiveness of Japan.
We are expecting approximately 600~1,000 guests from the Philippine government, private organizations, diplomatic corps, media, and other organizations to attend the reception.
2. Date and Venue
The reception will be held on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila (BGC).
3. Application Procedure
(1) Eligible Participating Companies: Japanese companies and other companies/organizations that wish to promote Japan-related products including foods and drinks.
(2) Requirements:
     (i)To provide a team or personnel who will conduct promotional activities on the day of the reception.
     (ii) To be able to obtain relevant permissions (e.g. sanitary permit for the hotel) needed for the promotional activities before the reception. *Specific matters to be addressed will vary depending on the content of the PR booth; the Embassy will inform them individually after receiving the application.
(3) Deadline for the Submission of Application: January 13, 2023 (Friday)
(4) How to Apply: Please fill out the form below.
(5) Provided Booth: The Embassy intends to provide each company a table and 2 chairs at the venue. Participating companies may bring their own decorative items such as stand-alone pull-up banners that can be easily set up.

(6) Methods of Promotion:
     (i)Exhibit of products. Please note that it is not allowed to sell any item at the reception.
     (ii) Distribution of promotional items (e.g. flyers, pamphlets, etc.)
     (iii) Provision of food and beverages (Heaters and simple cooking equipment can be used; however, details must be discussed with the hotel. Please consult extensively if you are considering serving food and beverages).
※ The form of participation is not necessarily limited to the above-mentioned. If you wish to utilize more space, or have other special arrangements, please contact the Embassy directly to discuss your preferences.
(7) Participation fees (per PR booth)
      (i) For PR booths serving food and beverages: Free of charge
      (ii) If food and beverages are not provided: 5,000 pesos
      (iii) If more than the allotted space is required (e.g. vehicle exhibition): 10,000 pesos or more (*Consultation is required depending on the size of the booth, etc.)
In all cases from (i) to (iii), each organization will be responsible for all expenses incurred in conducting PR, such as material and labor costs.
(8) Selection of Participating Companies: In consideration of the space limitation, the Embassy will select the participating companies taking into account various factors such as the nature of products that will be promoted, purpose of the promotion, and past achievements.  Please be advised that the arrangement of the exhibition space will be decided by the Embassy.
(9) Responsibility in Case of Accident: The Embassy will not take any responsibility for accidents, etc. that may occur in the implementation of the promotional activities. In the case where venue facilities are damaged by a participating company, the repair/replacement costs shall be borne by the company.
(10) For inquiries, please contact the following officials in charge:
    Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
    Economic Section: Yumi Yamada (Ms.) / Jumpei Tachikawa (Mr.)
    Email: /