Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission YAMAMOTO attends the “Commemoration Ceremony of the 76th Anniversary of the Leyte Gulf Landings”

Source: Leyte Gulf Landing Official TV. (2020, October 20)

On October 20th, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission YAMAMOTO Yasushi virtually attended the Commemorative Ceremony for the 76th Anniversary of the Leyte Gulf Landing, which was livestreamed from the MacArthur Landing Memorial Park in Palo, Leyte. Officials of the Philippine government, dignitaries of the Japanese, US and Australian Embassies, and WW II veterans also graced the affair, which was hosted by the Province of Leyte and the municipality of Palo. 
Minister YAMAMOTO delivered a solidarity message during the ceremony and expressed profound condolences for the victims of war, and said that Japan “has consistently taken the path of a country that values peace, human rights, and the rule of law under its free and democratic administrative system.” He added that Japan, under the banner of “Proactive Contribution to Peace” and a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”, has been “dedicated to promoting peace and prosperity, as well as strengthening cooperation with the Philippines and the United States.”  Further, he expressed hope “that the souls of the fallen heroes will find peace in the fact that our three nations are now cooperating not only economically but also cultivating mutual friendship and robust relations with each other, including our defense forces.”
Minister YAMAMOTO’s speech is available on the “Leyte Gulf Landing Official TV” Channel: