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Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP)

1. About GGP
The Japanese Government has various programs under its Official Development Assistance (ODA) that meets the diverse needs of developing countries. One of the ODA schemes, the Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) support small-scale projects directly benefiting the grassroots level as well as contributing to the socio-economic development of developing countries. In the Philippines, GGP was launched in 1989 and as of April 2024, 562 small-scale grassroots projects have been implemented by non-government organizations (NGOs), local government units (LGUs), and other non-profit organizations. GGP can support a project that amounts maximum twenty million Japanese Yen (JPY 20,000,000) or the equivalent amount in Philippine Peso.
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2. Eligible Proponents
  • Local Government Units (LGUs)
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs must be registered and operational for minimum of 3 years)
  • Educational Institutions (Elementary and secondary schools must request their LGUs to become the proponent and represent the project.)
  • Medical Institutions
3. Eligible Sectors and Project Examples
GGP prioritizes project proposals with hard component (e.g., stand-alone facility, equipment) rather than soft component (e.g., seminars, training). All projects must directly benefit local communities, and we focus on the following sectors.
 (1) Education - Construction or renovation of classrooms, procurement of furniture
[Example 1]
2019 The Project for the Construction of Classrooms for Don Felix Robles Elementary School
[Example 2]
2019 The Project for the Construction of Dormitory Building for the Philippine School for the Deaf in Pasay City
(2) Health - Construction of health center, procurement of medical equipment or mobile clinic
2018 The Project for the Repair and Upgrading of the Main Health Center Building and Purchase of Laboratory Equipment in Dingalan, Aurora
(3) Water - Construction of Level II and III systems
2017 The Project for the Construction of Level II Potable Water System at Brgy. Banawel, Natonin, Mt. Province

(4) Agriculture - Construction of processing center, procurement of farming equipment, temperature-controlled delivery trucks
2019 The Project for the Procurement of Pre and Postharvest Equipment for the Farmers of the Municipality of Anao, Tarlac
(5) Social Welfare - Construction of crisis center, shelter
2016 The Project for the Procurement of Equipment and Renovation of Physical Therapy Center in Paranaque City

 (6) Capacity Building - Construction of vocational training centers
2018 The Project for the Construction of One Storey Building for Technical Vocational Education and Training Center in Tampakan, South Cotabato
(7) Disaster Management
2017 The Project for Providing Emergency Vehicles to 20 Local Government Units in Luzon

(8) Waste Management
2012 The Project for Procurement Compactors and Equipment for Systematic Waste Disposal for Sagay City

4. Project Application
The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines accepts applications for GGP throughout the year. Interested parties may read the guideline carefully and submit concept paper and documentary requirements to the GGP email address below.
5. Contact Information
2627 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 8551-5710loc. 2111/2112/2119 (English/Tagalog), 2109 (Japanese)
Email: ggp@ma.mofa.go.jp